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  • Dongfeng D9 4×2 Cement Spreader Truck

    Engine Model:D4.0NS6B195


    Overall Dimension(mm):7200×2500×3150

    Gross Vehicle Weight(kg):18000

    The Dongfeng Cement Spreader is a specialized piece of equipment that plays a critical role in enhancing the quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of road construction and maintenance projects.

    • Specifications

    Dongfeng D9 4×2 Cement Spreader Truck

    Description of Dongfeng D9 4×2 Cement Spreader Truck:

    The Dongfeng Cement Spreader is a heavy-duty vehicle equipped with a cement hopper and a spreading mechanism. It is typically mounted on a truck chassis and has a user-friendly control system to regulate the flow of cement or other materials. It is designed for even and controlled distribution of cement on roads, making it an essential tool for road construction and repair projects.

    Important Features:

    1. Cement Hopper: The cement spreader is equipped with a large-capacity hopper that can hold a significant amount of cement, reducing the need for frequent refills.
    2. Spreading Mechanism: It features a precision spreading mechanism that allows for even distribution of cement across the road surface. This ensures a uniform layer, resulting in a strong and durable road.
    3. Adjustable Controls: Operators can adjust the spreading rate and width to meet specific project requirements. This versatility allows for customization based on road width and the desired thickness of the cement layer.
    4. Operator-Friendly Cabin: The operator’s cabin is designed for comfort and ease of use, with intuitive controls and good visibility to ensure safe and efficient operation.
    5. Durability: Dongfeng products are known for their robust build and durability, making the cement spreader suitable for heavy-duty construction projects and long-term use.

    Dongfeng D9 4×2 Cement Spreader Truck

    Dongfeng D9 4×2 Cement Spreader Truck

    Dongfeng D9 4×2 Cement Spreader Truck

    Vehicle Name Dongfeng D9 4×2 Cement Spreader Truck
    Brand Dongfeng D9
    Engine &
    Engine Model D4.0NS6B195
    Engine Brand Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., LTD
    Fuel type Diesel
    Displacement (ml) / Power 4000ml /143kw, 194HP
    Emission Standard Euro VI
    Number of speeds 5 Forward, 1 Reverse
    Chassis Chassis Type EQ1185LJ9CDE
    Drive Type 4X2
    No. of Axles 2
    Cab seats 3
    Max Speed(km/h) 89
    Tire 10.00R20
    Tire No.’s 6
    Air condition Yes
    Basic information Gross Vehicle Weight(kg) 18000
    Curb Weight(kg) 8240
    Payload (kg) 9565
    Wheelbase(mm) 3950
    Overall Dimension(mm) 7200×2500×3150
    (length ×width×height )
    Clear water tank 2800L
    Cement mixing tank 6500L
    Regulating valve 40L
    Slurry spread width ≤4.5m
    The amount of cement slurry spread ≤1.5kg/㎡


    1. Efficiency: The Dongfeng Cement Spreader significantly improves the efficiency of cement distribution on road construction sites, reducing manual labor and project time.
    2. Quality Control: It ensures precise control over the cement spreading process, resulting in a high-quality road surface with consistent thickness and uniformity.
    3. Cost Savings: By reducing material wastage and labor costs, this equipment can lead to substantial cost savings on construction projects.
    4. Safety: The operator-friendly cabin design and advanced controls enhance safety during operation, reducing the risk of accidents.


    1. Road Construction: The primary application of the Dongfeng Cement Spreader is in road construction and maintenance. It is used to lay a cement layer on road surfaces, improving their durability and load-bearing capacity.
    2. Highway Maintenance: It is essential for maintaining highways, particularly in areas with heavy traffic, as it helps extend the lifespan of the road and reduce the need for frequent repairs.
    3. Airport Runway Construction: The equipment can be used to construct and repair airport runways, ensuring a smooth and durable surface for aircraft operations.
    4. Parking Lot Construction: It is also used in the construction of parking lots, ensuring a strong and lasting foundation for vehicles.



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