Dongfeng 6 tons fecal suction truck

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Engine parameters Engine: Engine manufacturer: Displacement (ml): Power (kw): ZD30D13 4N 4B28ATCI CY4102 CE4D YN38CRD2 YC4FA115 40 Dongfeng Light Engine Co., Ltd. Changchai Co., Ltd. Dongfeng Chaoyang Chaochai Power Co., Ltd. Kunming Yunnei Power Co., Ltd. Company Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. 2953 2834 3856 3760 2982 96 80 83 85 85
Chassis description

Chassis parameters Chassis model: DFA1070SJ20D5 Fuel type: Diesel axle number: 2 Front track: 1586 (mm) Wheelbase: 3300 Rear track: 1530 (mm) Number of passengers in the cab: 3 Number of springs: 6/6+5, 8/9+5 Number of tires: 6 Axle load: 2940/4410 Tire specifications: 7.50-16 14PR, 7.50R16 14PR, 7.00-16 14PR, 7.00R16 14PR

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Main technical parameters of CSC5071GXE4 Fecal Suction Truck Product Name: CSC5071GXE4 Fecal Suction Truck Dimensions: 5990x1980x2400(mm) Chassis Model: DFA1070SJ20D5 Cargo Compartment Size: XX(mm) Total Mass: 7350(Kg) Approach/Departure Angle: 27/21(°) Rated mass: 3500 (Kg) Front suspension and rear suspension: 1115/1575 (mm) Curb weight: 3655 (Kg) Maximum speed: 95 (km/h) Emission standard: GB3847-2005, GB17691-2005 Euro IV vehicle description: The actual tank volume is 5 cbm meters. The overall dimensions of the tank body: long × long axis × short axis (mm): 3800 × 1600 × 1100.

Detailed description
Dongfeng 6 tons fecal suction truck
Dongfeng 6 tons fecal suction truck
Dongfeng 6 tons fecal suction truck
Dongfeng 6 tons fecal suction truck

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