Dongfeng 5 tons compressed garbage truck

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Chassis description

Single row 1730 cab, wheelbase 3308mm, Yuchai YC4FA115-50 engine, power 85kw, 115 horsepower Euro five diesel engine, 5-speed gearbox, front axle 1.8 tons, rear axle 3.5 tons, 190mm variable cross-section frame, power Steering, clutch assist, with air conditioning, air brake, 7.00R16 steel wire tires.

Modification instructions

Car body volume: 4-6 cbm meters, the car body is made of WISCO high-quality carbon steel, curved surface/rectangular surface, without auxiliary pressure plate, PLC intelligent control program, one-key operation, automatic completion of continuous garbage loading action, optional Bin Lorry Type, swing lift type, garbage bucket type, flipping mechanism, Yinhua 9 hydraulic cylinders, Beijing Huade hydraulic electromagnetic directional valve, Henan Weiguo hydraulic pump, hydraulic system adopts two independent hydraulic control forms, electric control and manual control control. There is a sewage collection tank at the bottom of the filler. Others are standard

Detailed description
HD pictures
illustrate in detail
The appearance is simple and generous, the main components are made of high-quality high-strength manganese steel, the load capacity is strong, the sealing is good, the electric and hydraulic joint control, the PLC electric control system is adopted, the engine power output is automatically controlled, the control operation is convenient, and the safety is high; The same user can choose to install a variety of working devices according to different garbage collection methods: ①no feeding device; ②bucket tipping device; ③semi-sealed tipping bucket device; ④fully enclosed tipping bucket device; ⑤with rear sealing cover.

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