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Dongfeng 153 flatbed wrecker wrecker

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Chassis description

Dongfeng 153 cheap one-to-two belt crane wrecker chassis adopts 190 horsepower engine of Guosi Kangji, 8-speed gearbox, 10.00-20 (nylon or steel wire tires), air brake,

Modification instructions

Component function, configuration plate size: 6.2 meters long * 2.48 meters wide. 5mm checkered plate or cold stamped concave-convex plate. It can carry 10 tons. Back-loading function: The flat panel can be tilted out and touch the ground at a small angle. The vehicle being carried can directly open the flat surface, or use a hydraulic winch to pull it to the flat surface, or use a crane to lift the flat surface, and the flat surface will shrink again. Return to the original position and complete the loading. The supporting arm has 2 sections and can be extended and retracted by 1.5 meters. Lift 5 tons. Lifting function: The supporting arm can be extended and lifted to lift and drag the damaged vehicle from the front or rear axles, wheels, leaf springs, frame, etc. Towing function: It can tow away the damaged vehicle held up by one end. It can also use a tow bar to tow the accident vehicle away from the vehicle whose axle is not damaged. Hoist 6 tons of hydraulic hoist, 21 meters of steel wire rope. Drag function: drag the vehicle onto the flatbed. The crane is equipped with a crane of 5 to 8 tons. Lifting function: The crane boom can be extended, luffed and rotated 360 degrees, so that the damaged vehicle can be lifted from one end (or one side) or the whole vehicle, and it is straightened for easy lifting. It can also use the extension and amplitude of the boom to pull or hoist the accident vehicle from the roadbed and places near the roadbed to the road for straightening. Other configurations: engineering lights, microphone, tight rope belt, auxiliary wheel of trolley, tow hook, fork; spare tire, on-board maintenance tools; optional hand washing box, air conditioner. Fully imported hydraulic control system. A full set of procedures required for home registration, such as a chassis certificate, a vehicle certificate, a Euro unified motor vehicle invoice, a vehicle-mounted tool, a vehicle warranty manual, and a list of Euro service stations, will be issued with the vehicle.

Detailed description


Product main technical information
product name: Dongfeng 153 flatbed wrecker wrecker Dimensions (mm): 9000,92002480×3500
Vehicle model: CLW5163TQZT4 Plate size (mm): 62002480
Total mass: (kg) 15,900 Carrying weight (kg): 10000
Rated mass: (kg) Front suspension/rear suspension (mm): 1250/2650,1450/2650
Curb weight: (kg) 9995,9145 Maximum speed (km/h): 90
Axle load: 5950/9950
Chassis parameters
Chassis model: EQ1168VFJ1 batch: 273
Number of axes: 2 Fuel type: Diesel oil
Wheelbase (mm): 5100 Front track (mm): 1920,1960
Rated passenger: 3 (including driver) Rear track (mm): 1860
Number of tires: 6 Number of springs: 9/10+8
Tire specifications: 9.00-20,9.00R20,10.00-20,10.00R20
Vehicle description: Optional Dongfeng 153, Dongfeng D913 (imitation Tianjin) cab; mainstream configuration Yuchai 180 horsepower, Cummins 190 horsepower engine; Fast 8-speed gearbox; 153 (10 tons) rear axle; 10.00-20 tires. Optional Cummins 170 horsepower engine; 145 (9 tons) rear axle.
Engine parameters
engine model Engine manufacturer Displacement (ml) Power (kw)


ISB170 40

ISB190 40

Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd.

Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.

Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.







Emission Standards: Euro four Fuel type: Diesel oil
HD pictures
illustrate in detail
Wind 153 flat belt crane wrecker configuration: adopts Dongfeng 153 series chassis, G-type luxury C-type instrument panel cab, Cummins 190 horsepower engine, 8-speed gearbox, wheelbase 4700mm, front axle 5 tons, rear axle 10 tons, 10.00-20 original nylon tire, air brake, original ABS. Dongfeng 153 truck-mounted wrecker wrecker, the flatbed is 7.2 meters long, 2.38 meters wide, 5mm thick, 4 tons bodywork, double-sided linkage operation, 6 tons support arm flatbed with 5 tons winch. Equipped with 5-8 tons crane, 25m steel wire rope, a set of U-shaped tire holding device, a set of vehicle tools, 5 pairs of forks, 1 pair of fork seats, 2 chain hooks, 1 set of auxiliary lamp assembly, 1 set of auxiliary air pipe assembly, equipped with a yellow long row of engineering warning lights. The wrecker of our company adopts foreign advanced and skilled product technology and production technology, all imported seals, and the reinforced beam is fixed to enhance the carrying capacity. (It can be equipped with imported multi-way valve, drag fork, fork seat, chain hook, tubeless tire, hand washing box, LED long row of warning lights, etc.)
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