Changan 2 ton cleaning truck

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The cleaning medium is water, the density is 1000 kg/m3, and the volume of the cleaning tank is 0.125 m3. The left and right side guards and rear guards are skirt boards, so they can be exempted. Optional front styling (front bumper, front grille, front lamps).
Chassis description

Chassis parameters Chassis model: EQ1021TFJ53 Batch: 291 Number of axles: 2 Fuel type: Gasoline wheelbase (mm): 2760 Front track (mm): 1310 Rated passenger capacity (including driver): Rear track (mm): 1310 Number of tires: 4 Number of springs: -/5,-/6 Tire specifications: 165/70R14,155R13LT,165R13LT

Modification instructions

Main technical data of Chengliwei CLW5020GQX5 cleaning truck product Product name: Chengliwei CLW5020GQX5 cleaning truck Dimensions (mm): 4630x1560x1920 Chassis model: EQ1021TFJ53 Cargo compartment size (mm): ×× Total weight: (kg) 1990 close/away De-angle (°) 25/26 Rated mass: (kg) 220 Front suspension/rear suspension (mm): 820/1050 Curb weight: (kg) 1640 Maximum speed (km/h): 110 Axle load: 960/1030

Detailed description

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