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Yuejin Xiaofuxing S80 refrigerated truck

Yuejin Xiaofuxing S80 refrigerated truck

  • Explosive model National Six Yuejin S80 3m3 diesel-fueled refrigerated truck Product number: SQYJS80-0820B
  • Vehicle model: ZNBDEPCLX3405HS
  • Chassis: SH1043PEDBNZ
  • Vehicle size: 5150*1850*2740
  • Car body size: 3260*0561*1680
  • Diesel engine model: Q23-95E60
  • Diesel 95 horsepower, five gear box
  • 185R15 rear double wheel empty real tire
  • S80 single-row cab, full diesel 95 horsepower, 5-speed transmission, 185R15 rear twin tires, steering assist, air conditioning, flow guide cover, central lock, electric glass, remote control key, 3t rear axle, 3/4 +5 layers of double leaf springs, oil brake, front disc brake, ABS,
  • Optional minus 5 degrees, minus 15 degrees, minus 18 degrees, refrigeration unit

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